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Barbarians At The Gates

The Federation has endured for hundreds of years, but now it is dying, killed by the corruption and decadence of the Senate and the rising power of military warlords.  The shipping lanes are coming apart, the colonists are revolting and outside forces are pressing against undefended borders.  Now, as one warlord makes a bid for supreme power, the entire edifice is on the verge of falling apart.  Two officers, bearers of a proud military tradition, may be all that stands between the Federation and total destruction.

Admiral Marius Drake has fought for years to defend the Federation against the enigmatic outsiders.  Now, he is charged with putting down a rogue warlord who has risen against the Senate and challenged its authority.  If he fails, the schism will eventually rip the Federation apart.  But with shadowy figures moving in the background, he knows it will not be easy to save the Federation from itself.

Lieutenant Roman Garibaldi, newly-graduated from the Naval Academy, knows no other cause than the Federation.  Human unity is a cause worth fighting for.  But as he faces the grim reality of interstellar civil war, and the exploitation of humans and aliens underlying the Senate’s vast power, he comes to realise that the price of the Federation’s survival may be more than anyone can pay.

But with the Senate suspicious of any competent commanding officers, purging the navy on the slightest excuse, their success may condemn them to an inglorious death.

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