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A long time ago in a city far, far away...

It is, actually.  The idea of the Posleen In England story was conceived in Bolton, which is currently over 7000 miles (12 hours flying time, at least) from Borneo, which is where I am currently staying...

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’ll start at the beginning.

The first Posleen book, A Hymn Before Battle (free online edition) was published in 2000, but I didn't actually read it until 2003, when I was looking for new alien invasion stories to read.  It wasn't long until I moved on to Gust Front (free online edition), When the Devil Dances (free online edition) and Hell's Faire (free online edition).  I was hooked.  Purists may argue that the Posleen series isn't pure alien invasion, but I disagreed.

Gust Front is still my favorite Posleen book and among my favorite alien invasion novels.  Why?  Because John Ringo did a wonderful job of creating a version of America that looked and felt like a society going to war.  Iron Mike may be the hero of the series, but he is far from the only character in the book.  Some of them shine in their own right.  Gust Front is not just about Mike; it is also a vivid depiction of a world changed by alien contact.

Complicating matters for humanity are the fact that not all of their allies are trustworthy.  The Federation is an ant colony, according to a Chinese character from the first book, and our role is to be the soldier ants.  Even the more decent Galactics fear what humanity will do if unleashed into the universe, for we can fight and the majority of the Galactics...cannot.  Part of this apparently contra-evolutionary problem lies in an even older issue, genetic tampering by a long-gone super-race.  Later books in the Posleen series (mainly the ones by Tom Kratman) bring this into sharp focus, with the alien meddling bearing directly upon the galaxy as encountered by the humans in the modern era.  Tom Kratman draws a direct line between do-gooders from the west (who have been known to wreck havoc on Third World countries in the name of helping them) and the willingness of the aliens to intervene to save the Galactics from themselves.

After Hell’s Faire, there were no Posleen-related books for what felt like an eternity.  Julie Cochrane was the first writer to return to the Posleen Universe, with Cally's War (free online edition ).  I am sad to report that I was not particularly impressed with the story.  Cally as we see her in this story is a very different person from the girl who charmed us all in the original story.  She is also dangerously incompetent, more like a bad C-Movie spy femme fatal than anything realistic.  Any halfway competent secret society/secret service would have kicked her out on her ass long before she managed to create a major underground incident between various different resistance organizations.   The book does get better in the second half, but it really needed a sharp editor.  And Cally needs to be more like Salt. 

Matters improve to some extent in Sister Time (free online edition) where Cally is reunited with her long-lost sister who has become a mental super-being since we last saw her in A Hymn Before Battle, but Honor of the Clan (free online edition) is a second flop.  The long-awaited return of Iron Mike blurs into a confusing plot that ends with an absurd battle between two different groups of good guys.  Enough said.

A different take on the Posleen Universe was provided by Tom Kratman, who considered the possibilities inherent in rejuvenation and the ‘all hands on deck’ mentality required to fight and beat the Posleen.  Watch on the Rhine (free online edition) is set in Germany, where the Germans are forced to rejuvenate one of the most reviled organizations in history, the Waffen-SS.  My thoughts on the book are here, but aside from the politics Watch on the Rhine is a definitely return to form for the Posleen universe. 

Which is where I came in.

I had already written several books by then and I liked the thought of creating an alien invasion novel set in Britain.  Tom Kratman had already hinted at what happened in Britain; I worked out a scenario and pitched it to John Ringo.  He said...  “Go ahead.”

So I did.

I started by working out a Posleen timeline, drawn from John Ringo’s four books and Watch on the Rhine.  And then I started trying to imagine how this would impact the UK.  We are not Europe and we are not America.  I like to think that we would have our own take on things.  Eventually, I finished the first draft and sent it to John.

(No one told me about the Posleen RPG, hence the considerable differences between it and my version.)

And then I realized that I could write a second Posleen book, one set in the Middle East.  How would they react to the Posleen?  It was intended as a novella and I think that John was surprised when I presented him with a full novel.  Originally it was called Jihad on their Arse – long story – but I renamed it Holy War when I finally finished it. 

They are not my best work.  I admit that from the start and I do intend to rewrite Yeomen as The Thin Red Line when I feel up to it (anyone from the British Army who wishes to help out would be more than welcome) but for the moment the universe is closed.  However...

Tom Kratman produced Yellow Eyes (free online edition) and then The Tuloriad (sample chapters), which has a fair claim to being his best Posleen book. 

And John Ringo brought Iron Mike back in Eye of the Storm (Free Online Edition).

John Ringo’s work is well worth a read.  Check out the free books here and then buy some of them.  You won’t regret it.

Obviously, I do not hold the copyright to the Posleen universe, which remains firmly in John Ringo’s hands.  These two books are canonical if John says they are; not canonical if John doesn't say they are.  And I am not making any profit from this.

The Yeomen of England - Posleen in England 

Holy War - Posleen in Middle East

The Thin Red Line Snippet

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Based on John Ringo's work.

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