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As a writer, being noticed can be hard.  Believe me, it's very frustrating.    So, in an attempt at gaining readers, I've started posting some of my older material online.  You'll see how my writing has evolved over the years, from something I'd prefer not to think about to something rather more readable.  Well, IMHO at least.

Come on in, have a read.  And if you like what you read, why not tell me about it?  Chat about it on my Discussion Forum.  Or you can check out my blog and see my new ideas and background material.  Or my Articles page.  And join the Mailing List for updates!

All welcome!  Come and join the fun.  And find me on Facebook!



NEW Kindle Book - The Trojan Horse.  Download a free sample, then buy it from Amazon here.


New Free Books - The Oncoming Storm and Dauntless.


Just in time for my birthday - Ark Royal II: The Nelson Touch is now available.  Download a Free Sample, then buy it from Amazon here.

Also - added a page for Ark Royal series.


Coming SOON!  As in one week or thereabouts.


New Kindle Book - A Learning Experience.  Download a large sample of the text here and the afterword here, then buy it from here.


New Published Book - Schooled in Magic.  Read a Free Sample, then buy it from Amazon Kindle, B&N or OmniLit


New Discussion Forum.  Membership required (sorry), but less spam.


Added - Upcoming Professionally Published Books


New Kindle Book - The Fall of Night.  Download a free sample, read the afterword and then purchase from amazon here.


Added a list of Upcoming Writing Projects.


New Empire's Corps novel - Retreat HellDownload a sample here, then download the full version from Amazon here.  And read the Afterword here.


Added a complete bibliography.


New Free Book - The Uninvited


The first piece of fan fiction, set in the universe of The Empire's Corps.

No More Justice - Glen Cheal


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